Global Mobile Trends


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Device & Manufacturer Data Apple continues to be the leading device manufacturer on our platform, representing 31% of the impression share (Chart A) up from the previous quarter. Apple iPhone maintained its position as the number one mobile phone on … Continue reading



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Recently IKEA announced the launch of UPPLEVA: a new solution that integrates smart TV and sound system with furniture. When I first heard about the move, I saluted, on the page of this blog, as a GENIUS MOVE this strategic … Continue reading

MYousicShare ®


MYousicShare ® is a Digital Platform that aims to exploit the business model so far overlooked in the Music Industry. With MYousicShare ® we aim to bring out the potential of the entire market in terms of finding new artists … Continue reading

Future of wine is Rosé


You see consulting cruasé_slideshare by Umberto Callegari “Cruasé” is a unique denomination that identifies a dry style of Sparkling Rosè (classic method) obtained by a natural selection of Pinot Nero Rosè, defining the producer’s desire to give a form to … Continue reading