One of the most iconic presence in Movie and Music History will finally be demolished: Dixie Square Mall


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After years of false starts and decades of dilapidation, the Dixie Square Mall in Harvey is finally coming down. Gov. Pat Quinn joined south suburban officials at the Harvey police station this morning to announce the start of the demolition, … Continue reading

Motörhead – Live Fast Die Old – Documentary

When you’re talking about Being Angry and Being Foolish, u certainly can’t avoid of talking about Lemmy Kilmister: the outragious and absolutely unique leader and pulsing soul of the Rock n’ Roll band Motörhead .

For those of you who have just been living on Mars on these last 40 years….or that are just not into music, Lemmy has worldwidly known for his talent and for his unique ability of living a life as a fast and uncompromising rock n’ roll ride that took him to the empyrean of music as the most drug abusing, haeavy drinking  and edge living musician of all time and still far for any possible judgment….for his ability of remain himself….a man, with a hell bent for Rock and Roll that has always paid for the debts he has been making….and for the astonishing fact that …after all this years he is still riding fast…

How does it make you feel to hear so many classic metal legends cite you as a source of inspiration?

Old. [Laughs.] It’s nice, but you have to keep yourself grounded and real and not let it change how you live or approach music.

What do you want to do in life that you have not done yet?

I want to walk a tightrope across Niagara Falls. Really! I always wanted to be pope as well, but apparently, I’m the wrong religion.”

This is Lemmy….and from me to you all…this is a documentary on his life on tour with Motörhead “Live Fast Die Old”.


Be Angry Be Foolish

A new Marketing Trend: Analogically Digital


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Everything is Marketing… and marketing is in everything… just face it…. get used to it…. and it doesn’t matter how “classless, clever and free” you think you are… as a matter of fact… you are an expression of some marketing … Continue reading